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Irish Painters 20th century

For analysis genre-works,
see: Irish Category Painters.
When it comes to historical story, see:
Reputation for Irish Art.

For a listing of the best general public
free galleries in Europe, The united states

Best Colourists
• Brian Ballard (b.1943)

Using wealthy tints and strong brushstrokes, he's got an excellent talent for managing blues and greys, with striking single colours. Extremely consistent. See Brian Ballard Biography.

• Marja Van Kampen (b.1949)

Most Useful Interiors
• Norman Teeling (b.1944)

• Mark O'Neill (b.1963)

Much more restrained inside the choice of colours than Teeling, but their good themes invariably create works of great beauty.

Best Photo-Realist Painter
• John Doherty (b.1949)

Catches the missing optimism and neglect of aging frameworks, inside the unique hyper-realist style. Not happy paintings but constantly thoughtful and frequently moving. See John Doherty Biography.

Most Useful Classical Musician

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